The founder of SBZ rugs, Ashfaq Ansari

SBZ Rugs was founded in 2016 as a proprietorship company after the dissolution of its parent company Hamidullah and sons, a partnership company founded in 1963.

Years of experience in the Carpet Industry and being an executive member of AICMA (All India Carpet Manufacturers Association), the founder of SBZ rugs, Ashfaq Ansari continues to manufacture and export handmade rugs.

We believe that every single choice matters, hence our rugs are custom made to suit the requirements of every individual.

We aim at providing better living conditions for our employees and their family, through access to education. Most of our carpets are
made of Organic dye.

The company is client-centric and innovation-driven. We believe in individuality as an important human factor for any business, thus most of our rugs are bespoke. All in all, we custom rugs of any pattern, colour, size, quality and material- Even the first drawing of your child.

Our Journey

Journey of SBZRugs