We manufacture and export these types of rugs:

  1. Hand-knotted
  2. Hand Tufted
  3. Hand Woven
  4. Flatweave/ Dhurrie
  5. Miscellaneous


Hand Knotted Rugs

These rugs are an ancient technique of making rugs. Each knot of the rug is calculated and knotted preciously. The fringes of the hand- knotted rugs are used to hold the rug and the ends are left for decorative purpose. 

These rugs symbolise quality, expertise, and artistry. They are durable and lasts for decades. 

We make the following patterns in Hand-knotted

  • Normal
  • Zero pile 
  • Low High pattern
  • Ribs
  • Moroccan and Persian


Hand Tufted Rugs

These rugs are first made on cotton cloth. Later, a special tufting gun traces the pattern by filling the fabric. The fringes of hand-tufted rugs are usually glued or sewn into the final binding. The back of the rug is covered by a canvas to make it stronger.

These rugs production demands fewer efforts and less time, Thus; the price of rugs are more affordable. Here, no actual knitting process is required – the backing support cloth says it all.

Varieties – 

  • Wool
  • Viscous silk
  • Micropile
  • Loop pile


Hand Woven Double Knot

They are crafted on special looms (usually horizontal) derived for which warp and weft are woven in a similar manner as clothes. 

It may or may not have fringes while the sides are bound.

 Varieties –

  • Double knot
  • Single knot in various textures like jute, wool and viscous silk


Flatweave or Dhurrie

There are no piles usually. They are crafted by warp and bound by weaving.

They are light in weight and reversible. While no other rug is reversible. 

Varieties – 

  • Shuttle Kalim
  • Punja etc. in various colour, size, design and pattern


Kazak Rug

Our miscellaneous rugs are by the virtue of region and tradition.

Varieties –

  • Vintage rugs
  • Nepali weave
  • Kazak
  • Persian

A lot more designs and varieties are available on request.